Canva for business: a design solution to optimize your communication

Visual communication is essential for businesses, and Canva offers an online platform that makes it easy to create eye-catching, professional designs. With its many features tailored to the needs of organizations, discover why Canva for business is the ideal solution for your graphic projects.

The key features of Canva for business


As the premium version of the platform, Canva for Business offers many tools and features specially designed to meet the demands of professionals. Here are some of the top features that make Canva a solid choice for businesses:

A library of templates and graphic elements

Canva provides over 4000 customizable templates, covering a wide range of communication materials such as social media posts, presentations, posters, etc. Moreover, you have access to a multitude of graphic elements such as icons, shapes and illustrations to enhance your creations.

An intuitive and easy-to-use editor

With its drag-and-drop interface, Canva makes it quick and easy to create designs by incorporating text, images, and other elements. The editor also offers advanced options like color adjustment, transparency and image resizing.

Easy integration with your work tools

Canva for Business is compatible with a number of third-party apps, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Adobe Creative Cloud. You can easily import your files and use them in your designs, or export your creations directly to these platforms.

Create visuals that reflect your brand


To ensure consistent communication, it is essential that your graphic media respect the visual codes of your brand. Canva for business allows you to create a graphic charter specific to your organization by defining:

  • Your corporate colors
  • Your typography
  • Your logos
  • Etc.

This charter will then be accessible to all team members, thus guaranteeing uniformity in the production of communication media. Plus, you have the option to share your creations with your colleagues to facilitate collaboration and receive their feedback.

Find the perfect images for your designs


The choice of visuals is a key element in the creation of impactful and engaging communication media. To help you find the perfect images, Canva for Business provides:

A bank of free and premium images

With its library of millions of photos and illustrations, Canva has a wide selection of images for all styles and themes. Some are free while others, premium, are available at a preferential rate for business subscriptions.

The ability to import your own visuals

If you want to use your own photos or images, Canva for Business makes it easy to integrate them into the editor by allowing them to be imported directly from your computer or from various online storage platforms.

Save time with automated features


Canva for Business offers tools that simplify and speed up the creative process, allowing you to focus on what matters: communicating your message.

Automatic resizing

Instantly adapt your designs to different formats thanks to this function which allows you to resize your creations with a single click. You can thus quickly decline the same realization for several communication media.

Scheduling social media posts

With Canva for business, you can schedule your designs to be published directly from the platform, without needing to use another social media management tool. This feature is particularly useful for community managers and marketing teams who manage multiple accounts on different networks.

Canva's pricing for business


By opting for a Canva for business subscription, you get all the premium features and dedicated technical support. This subscription is priced at a monthly amount per user, with discounts available for non-profit or educational organizations.

In short, Canva for business offers a complete solution adapted to the needs of professionals in terms of graphic creation. Its many features, its ease of use and its integration with your work tools make it an essential choice for optimizing your visual communication.