Shopify Advanced at 1$ per month for 3 months! September 2023

Shopify is still hitting hard!

So far the offer Shopify 1$ was only valid for the basic package. As a result, it was not possible to test the Advanced plan without going to the checkout and paying directly the 289$ that it costs per month...

This is no longer the case and you can now enjoy the power of Shopify's Advanced plan for only 1$ per month for 3 months!!

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However, Shopify's Advanced plan is undoubtedly the best for measuring the KPIs of your business with great precision, but above all for having costs reduced to 0.5% instead of the 2% of the basic plan!

It doesn't look like that but it can quickly add up! If you make €15,000 in turnover in the basic package, Shopify will take you €300 in fees, while in Advanced it will only be €75!

In short, you have understood that if you make a number or plan to make a turnover with your Shopify store, it is in your best interest to have the Advanced plan, if only for the costs...

Why choose Shopify Advanced at 1$?

But honestly, even if you are a beginner, I really recommend the Advanced plan! For what ?

Because the tools you will find there will clearly contribute to your success!!

Reduced fees!

Casually, it can quickly add up to this kind of cost and the money is always better in your pocket than in Shopify's, right?

  • Fee at 0.5% instead of 2% in basic
  • Credit card transaction fees at 1.4% instead of 1.8%

Shopify 1$ Basic, Shopify, Advanced Fees for different Shopify plans

More accurate reports!

KPIs (key performance indicators) are the sinews of war! Relying on accurate data will help you make the right decisions in your business!

Believe in my experience, I literally doubled my turnover thanks to an accurate analysis of customer data and thanks to personalized reports!

You have no idea how crucial it is or maybe if and in that case I don't need to convince you 😉

Shopify reports based on plans

e-commerce automation

No more repetitive tasks with the creation of workflow allowing you to automate everything that took you time!

It's clearly a game changer for you to devote yourself only to tasks with high added value!

Customs duty and import taxes

One of the biggest headaches in e-commerce is customs duties and import taxes!

Whether you sell in one or more countries, you cannot escape this extremely thankless and time-consuming task...

Well, it's over because you have the possibility of estimating them and collecting them directly at the time of payment, thus ensuring total transparency with your customers. This will help you build trust and improve your conversion rate, but above all avoid returns, disputes or order cancellations!

15 employee accounts!

Personally, I delegate all my shops and I call on several freelancers who take turns almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! To manage orders, to manage support, I need to have different accesses for all these people in order to monitor everything they do!

In addition, I have control over access rights, each to his own task and they do not have administrator roles. Safety is really very important and I don't want my employees to be able to do anything!

Out of the question for me that they share the same access otherwise how can I monitor who does what? In short, 15 employee accesses is really very practical and secure for your business.

Not convinced ? You have nothing to lose because it's only 1$ per month for 3 months

Whether you choose the Basic, Shopify or Advanced plan anyway you will pay Shopify 1$ per month for 3 months…

It would be totally stupid not to test the features of a plan at 289$ per month for only 1$, wouldn't it?

In addition, at the end of your trial period, nothing prevents you from switching to another plan or simply stopping your store!

In short, I think it's a real opportunity to see what the biggest e-merchants have access to and to taste options that you won't have in the basic plans...

So what are you waiting for?

Oh yes ? To start your free 3 day trial to Shopify Advanced then 1$ per month for 3 months or 90 days just click below!

Shopify for 1$ the first month Special offer September 2023

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