The new digital jobs

Nowadays it is very easy to change jobs and become your own independent employer!

Whether it's ecommerce or online business, you can earn your independence through your online activities!

There is also the field of crypto currencies which can make you money relatively easily if you know what you are doing. This is not an investment advice but what is sure is that by learning and being interested in it a minimum you can earn a lot of money.

Setting up an online store or selling on Amazon are other future jobs where you can gain financial freedom and eventually quit your job to have your own online business.

If you want to know more you can consult the site which will give you a lot of information about these subjects.

I wish you good luck.

how can i get shopify for only 1 $ per month for the first 3 months

How can I get Shopify for only 1 $ per month for the first 3 months?

Shopify is one of the most popular and easy to use e-commerce platforms. It offers small business owners a complete solution to create and manage their own online store.

Shopify also offers a 14-day trial period, allowing you to test out the platform before committing. However, you can also get Shopify for just $ per month for the first 3 months. Here's how :

Shopify has set new pricing rules. The offer of 29 $ per month is unused and is therefore replaced by Shopify's promotion at 1 $ or 1 EUR per month for the first three months. This promotion is valid for new customers who open a Shopify account.

After the first three months, the cost of Shopify Basic will be 19 TP3T per month. These new fares offer a variety of benefits. In this article, I'll take a look at them and look at Shopify's current pricing structure.

Take advantage of Shopify's price at 1 EUR

Shopify is at a dollar a month for three months. What changed ?

How can I get Shopify for only 1 $ per month for the first 3 months



Shopify: from 29 $ and up to 1 $, i.e. 1 EUR per month.

As mentioned earlier, Shopify's pricing structure and call offering has changed. Now the Shopify price is no longer 29 EUR or 29 $. For the first three months, Shopify is at 1 $ per month. Click here to take advantage of this offer.

This means you don't need to spend more than 3 $ for the first 90 days. After that, you can spend as much as you want. In the past, this was unimaginable.

This offer will allow users tosave a significant amount of 84 $ on your Shopify Basic subscription for the first 3 months of your account on Shopify.

The “reverse side of the coin”.

However, some may think that this pricing system has some negative points.

Indeed, the price of the subscription has been reduced, but also the duration of the trial. This means that the 14-day trial period has ended. It is replaced by a three-day trial possibility.

But, I think it's acceptable since they don't ask you to pay 29 euros after three days, but only 1 euro for token.
If you are aware of the variety of possibilities offered by Shopify, I think it's a great deal in the sense that Shopify can really give you financial freedom.

Shopify's basic plan is now down from $29 to $19.

Shopify has seen the full picture for online retailers. You would think that with Shopify's 1 $ offer for the first three months, they would have stayed there. However, this is not the case at all.

In fact, they reduced the price of the Shopify Basic offer from 29 $ to 19 $ per month for monthly subscriptions or 17 $ per month for an annual subscription.

So there is no reason not to launch your online store for the coming year.

In addition, you keep the same features as before:

  • Online Store
  • Unlimited products
  • 24/7 Support
  • Employee accounts
  • etc…

Shopify: 3 months trial for 1 $, my opinion

My opinion is that the 3 month trial period for only 1 $ is an incredible cost to pay. It opens the world of online commerce to new talents, and can even seduce physical stores. For those who cannot afford to pay 29 $ for the first month.

I am also in favor of extending the trial period to three days. The problem, in my opinion, with the previous 14-day trial period was thatit allowed procrastination. In reality, the trial period was rather long. This allowed them to complete their store before the trial period ended.

Shopify offers Shopify for 1 EUR

With this new offer, paying 1$ after three days (even the smallest sum) is more exciting than launching your store by lying in the sand for 14 days, without having to pay any money.

The offer is for 3 months at 1$ then 3 months at 19$, i.e. 6 months in all.

The Shopify offer is 3 months at 1$

I don't know if the offer was designed as a one-time event or if it permanently replaces the previous offer.

The offer is advertised on Shopify's website with a countdown timer, suggesting it's only available for a limited time.

There is a banner ad at the top of the page. This makes it look like a promotion similar to what we do on our drop sites.

What I do know is that you should start your shop as soon as possible and end the procrastination. You can click here to determine if the offer is in effect. If it is still valid, then take advantage of it.

I wish you the best in your undertakings.

demo debutify

Debutify Review and Opinion: The Best Shopify Theme 2022?

The design, feel, and even movement of your website are the first things your customers will notice. It's essential to give your customers a pleasant and easy-to-use experience, with an attractive image of your company.

So, selecting the most suitable and powerful Shopify theme is essential.

What is Debutify?

Debutify is unquestionably the shopify theme paying the most popular.
The free version allows users to use an optimized and fully functional theme, but without the add-ons that are only available in the paid plans.
These add-ons will allow you to increase sales, create urgency on your website; to improve the number of baskets you have in size, etc.
This Shopify theme is one of the most popular themes of the moment.

What makes this theme the most popular Shopify theme right now?

Debutify offers a elegant, simple theme and very efficient in terms of speed and loading time, which is an important aspect at the present time. It is important to know that Google and Facebook have started penalizing websites that are slow in order to improve your user experience.

The free version allows you to have a professional and sober Shopify site for free; it is ideal for novices or for stores that have a small turnover.

The most premium version includes over 26 add-ons that can help you optimize and improve the performance of your Shopify store. Whether through the provision of trust badges, popups, emergency timer packs and upsell solutions….
In short, the simplest terms, a complete set of tools to take to the next level at an affordable price.

You can consult the debutify demo by clicking here and then clicking on demo.

Check out Debutify?

Debutify is a bit like the “Swiss army knife” of Shopify. There are many other well-known themes such as Turbo, Booster, Shoptimized… However, none of them offer the same variety of possibilities and results as Debutify. Let us tell you about it.

It is possible to create an online store with a huge catalog or single-product stores using Debutify; it's really wonderful.

After installing the app, you get to the dashboard where you can download the theme, upgrade it, download backups and other stuff (which we don't have to worry about).

The price of Debutify

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, Debutify is available in both paid and free versions.
Here are the different prices of Debutify:

Debutify Pricing

The most interesting option is the “PRO” plan for 59 TP3T/month (unlocking all add-ons).

The “ENTERPRISE” plan, which costs $111 per month, is a good option if you have several stores and want to convert to Debutify since this plan allows you to use three licenses for the price of one.

We strongly advise you to purchase the annual subscription as soon as you can. It will save you up to 50 % for each plan and it's a substantial saving that can be reinvested elsewhere.

Applications included in Debutify!

Even if the theme itself is relatively expensive, I can assure you that you will save a lot of money on applications!

Indeed, this amazing theme includes 55 apps! You will therefore no longer need to use other applications because everything you need is included in Debutify!

This means that you will make enormous savings but above all you will obtain an incomparable loading time!


debutify theme features add ons
debutify theme features add ons


Our opinion on Debutify. :

Some of you might say that the theme Debutify is expensive, and it is true…. But you should consider the cost of each of these themes that will cost you on the Shopify app store, in addition to slowing down your website using X apps installed…

Before Debutify, you could earn 300-400 $ per month through different Shopify apps. It is now a maximum of 60 dollars. Calculate the amount over the year…

Discover DEBUTIFY?

Simply put, Debutify gives us the best, number one Shopify theme on the market today.
Try it and form your own opinion.

app store optimization 16 tips to improve your app store optimization strategy

Learning about app store optimization? 16 tips to improve your app store optimization strategy.



ASO is a process by which you can improve the visibility and ranking of your app in an app store. This, in turn, will lead to more downloads of your app.

There are several things you can do to optimize your app for the App Store and Google Play Store. First, make sure your app's title and keywords are relevant and accurately reflect what your app does. Also, make sure your app description is clear and concise, and that the screenshots and videos you upload highlight the best features of your app.

Finally, make sure to regularly update your app with new content and features. This will keep users interested and improve your ranking in the app store.

If you follow these tips, you will see an improvement in your app's visibility and downloads. App store optimization is a powerful tool that can help you increase the success of your app.




How do you make a mobile application emerge from this mass in order to capture a percentage, even if it's a paltry one, of these 2.07 billion application downloads across all stores?

The app store optimization (ASO) has a more than interesting role to play for that!

Here are some tips

First, you need to make sure that your app is visible in the store using keywords that potential users are likely to search for. This will help your app appear in search results.

Secondly, you need to have a well-designed icon and screenshots that will catch people's attention and encourage them to search


What is App Store Optimization and how does it work?




1. App store optimization is the process of optimizing a mobile application to rank higher in app stores.

2. This is done by targeting relevant keywords and using effective marketing strategies.

3. Placing an app high in the app store ranking can lead to more downloads and a better user experience.

4. App Store optimization is important for any company that wants to succeed in the mobile market.

5. There are a number of factors that go into achieving high rankings in the app stores, but keyword optimization and marketing are two of the most important.

6. If you want to improve your chances of getting a good ranking in the app stores, it is important to optimize keywords and marketing


3 things to do before getting into ASO




Here's a checklist of 8 things you can do to make your app more successful on the Apple and Google stores:




1. Check the title of your application and make sure it is clear and concise.

2. Make sure your application description is keyword rich and informative.

3. Use high quality screenshots to present your application.

4. Use a catchy and descriptive application icon.

5. Experiment with different keywords to find the right ones for your application.

6. Localize your application for different markets.

7. Promote your app through social media and other channels.

8. Monitor your application's ranking and adjust your strategy accordingly.

By following these tips, you can improve your app's organic ranking and get better visibility on app stores.


1. Research your most popular keywords and focus on them




When it comes to app store optimization (ASO), it's best to focus on a few important keywords. This will help you rank higher in search results and attract more users. Start by listing terms related to your app's functionality, then use a keyword analysis tool to select the most popular ones. Keep in mind that what you think is popular may not be, so it's important to use store information and data whenever possible. This will help you make the best decisions for your application. Thanks for reading!


3. Compare yourself to others and see how you stack up.




When identifying the keywords you want to optimize, be sure to look at the apps that are currently ranking well for those keywords. In order to improve your rankings, you will need to beat the apps that are currently ranking well. You can look at ratings and reviews to get an idea of what people are looking for. In addition to keywords, Stores uses downloads, ratings and rankings to rank apps for a specific keyword. Track the apps you want to beat based on their downloads, reviews and rankings. This will help you determine what to do to improve your rankings. Thanks for your time!

When you identify the keywords you want to




When it comes to app store optimization (ASO), it's important to focus on keywords that are within reach. This means that your app's performance should be reasonably close to the benchmark before you start optimizing for more competitive keywords. If your app is not yet close to the benchmark, it is best to focus on less competitive keywords first. Once your application's performance improves, you can go back and optimize for those more competitive keywords.


3. Use keywords in the app name to help users find your app more easily.




Both Apple and Google place a lot of importance on the keywords that appear in the app name in determining an app's organic ranking. That's why it's important to include your most important keywords in your app name. The most common way to do this is to include your brand name and then a short string of words that includes your most important keywords. It's good to know: where you place your keywords in the name also has an impact on your ranking. If you can, try to incorporate the keywords as close to the beginning of the name as possible. Thanks for reading!




There are several things to keep in mind when naming your app. First, make sure your app name is easy to remember and unique. You also want to make sure that your brand is easily recognizable, so that people know what they are downloading. However, you don't want your brand to overshadow the app itself, so try to swap the position of the keywords and the brand. You can run an A/B test to see which is more effective. Keep these things in mind and you'll be sure to choose a great name for your app!


5. In the subtitle/short description of the application, include keywords.




The subtitle and short description of the application should focus on the most important keywords to improve the ranking of the application. It is important not to "stuff" these fields with words, as this could weaken the impact of the main keywords.


5. Improve the relevance of your keywords (Apple)




Apple allows you to specify the keywords for which your application should be ranked. The list is limited to 100 characters, so do your best to use every character. Use single words separated by a comma and eliminate all spaces. Do not enter full search terms, spaces, or the name or category of your application.

This can help potential customers find your app more easily, and improve your ranking in the App Store search results.




7. Insert keywords in the body of your application (Google Play)




The Google Play app store uses the information in the long description of an app to determine its ranking. This means you should use your keywords strategically in this section to improve your app's visibility. Try to include them at least five times for best results.

Make sure your app is visible in the Google Play Store by using keywords strategically in your long description. Try to include them at least five times for best results. This will improve your rankings and increase the chances that users will find and download your app.


Seven. Actively seek out other reviews.




The number of times your application has been rated is a direct indicator of its ranking in search results. That's why it's important to ask your users to rate your app regularly. Both Apple and Google offer ways to do this, and apps that take advantage of this get better ratings and continued growth. Thanks for taking the time to rate this app!


9. Keep track of your progress and the status of your options.




A very important part of ASO is tracking your performance and positions. Whether you're not doing much to optimize things or you're making regular changes, it's essential to know how your application (and your optimizations) are performing.

By monitoring your rankings, you will be able to determine what is working and what is not. Position tracking tools like Monitorank allow you to track your positions on the Google Play, for example. This is valuable information to know to continue to improve your ASO efforts.




Here are the five most important elements that influence in-store app placement.




There are many positioning factors that influence an app's rank in an app store. The number of downloads is one of the most important, as it indicates that people are interested in the app. Other important factors are the number of ratings and reviews, as well as the overall rating. Optimizing these factors can help improve the ranking and visibility of an app.

2- The number of ratings and reviews: a high number of positive ratings generally indicates that users like your application, which leads to a higher ranking

3- The overall score: a high score




There are certain elements that can help your app rank higher in search results when users search for specific apps. One is the name of your app - if it contains the word "Analytics", it will naturally be more likely to rank in search results when a user searches for "Google Analytics" for example. Another factor is your app's average rating and the number of reviews it has received - the higher an app's rating and number of reviews, the more likely it is to move up in the rankings and appear in search results. Finally, retention and level of engagement with an app are also important factors. The more users use an app, the more likely it is to appear in search results.

All of these factors are important to consider when optimizing your app for search engine ranking. By considering your app's name, ranking, reviews, engagement and retention, you can increase your chances of appearing higher in search results and reaching your target audience.




The app description and keywords used are important for App Store optimization. Be sure to do a keyword analysis with Google Keyword Planner to identify what is most searched for on Google, and use those keywords in your app description. Also be sure to rephrase the brief content in paragraph form.

In addition, here are some excellent slides by Virginie Clève on the subject, which are still relevant today

(insert a hyperlink to the slides)


3 key distinctions between Apple App Store Optimization (ASO) and Google Play Store Optimization (ASO).




There are a few key differences between the Play Store and App Store OSA. First of all, the minimum price of apps on the App Store is higher, which can make it more difficult to discover. Also, the App Store review time is shorter, so it's important to submit your app for review as soon as it's ready. Finally, there are some key differences in the ranking algorithms between the two platforms. The App Store algorithm takes into account things like download speed and user engagement, while the Play Store algorithm takes into account factors like app installs and uninstalls.

And there you have it! Some key differences between ASO on the Play Store and the App Store


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about OSAs:




What are the key differences between app store search optimization (ASO) marketing and regular ASO?




ASO is the process of optimizing a mobile app for visibility and traffic in an app store. This can be done by optimizing the title, description, keywords and screenshots of the app. ASO marketing is about using these techniques to improve a mobile app's ranking in an app store's search results.

ASO is a relatively new field, and there is still much debate about the best way to proceed. However, there are some general principles that most experts agree on.

1. The first step is keyword research. You need to find out what keywords your target audience uses when they search for


How much does ASO cost?




The price of an ASO service varies considerably from one provider to another. The price of an ASO service varies greatly from provider to provider, with agencies generally charging more than specialized freelancers. Another criterion that significantly influences the price is the level of competition of the niche your application is in; the more competitive it is, the more expensive it will be, and vice versa. Finally, the price will also be different if you have never worked on the SEO of your application (compared to an application that already has a history). On average, the cost of ASO services will be higher for new apps than for apps that have already been marketed and ranked.


The price of an ASO service can vary greatly depending on the provider. However, there are some general trends that can help you predict how much you're likely to spend. In general, agencies charge more than specialized freelancers. The level of competition in your niche also plays a role in pricing; the more competition, the higher the price.




Before choosing your provider, it is important to make sure they offer a free pre-audit. If they do not, it may be worth looking elsewhere, as they may not be serious about their services.

Also, don't forget to ask about the provider's experience and success rate. This will give you a good idea of their ability to help you improve your online visibility and achieve your goals.


What are the most important tools to track and optimize your App Store optimization?




There are many tools that can help with App Store Optimization (ASO), such as those that focus on search engine optimization (SEO). While there are many tools available, here are some of our favorites:

Keyword research tools, such as the Google AdWords Keyword Planner and the Sensor Tower tool

Apple's App Store Connect, which provides information about the performance of your application in the App Store

the 1SE application, which records users' interactions with your application and provides information about what they like and dislike

Each of these tools can provide useful information that can help you improve your app's ranking in App Store search results and, as a result, increase its visibility and downloads.

Paid tools may also offer features that free tools do not, such as more detailed keyword data or support for multiple languages. However, it is important to


The benefits of ASO in an infographic




3 ways to get help from ASO experts.




There are a number of reasons why you may want to outsource or insource ASO. For the outsourcing part, there are a number of different options

Among the many agencies present on the market, some SEO agencies have a dedicated offer for App Store Optimization (for iOS and Android applications) and most of them will offer you a free pre-audit, so it won't cost you much to study this option

If you want to hire a freelancer instead, a simple search on "app store optimization consultant" in your search engine will give you the opportunity to find one.

Before making a decision, consider what is important to you and your business - cost, time commitment and results are all considerations. Choose the option that will work best for you within these constraints




1. If you want to invest in ASO for the long term, it makes sense to hire an SEO specialist who has experience in app store optimization.

2. Better yet, if you haven't already done so, hire an SEO who has worked specifically on ASO.

3. This way, your app store optimization efforts will be more effective and lead to better results.

cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum

Looking to invest in crypto-currencies? This guide will help you get started.

Investing in crypto-currencies has become more popular in recent years. There are several ways to invest in crypto-currencies, depending on your goals and knowledge of the market. From passive investing to daily trading, network fees or staking, below we explain the different ways to invest in crypto-currencies. We then give you some recommendations for choosing a project to invest in. If you're new to investing, it's important to do your research before jumping into the market.Investing in crypto-currencies is speculative and involves risk. Prices can fluctuate wildly and you can lose your entire investment. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

There are several ways to get into the crypto-currency market. The most important thing is to do your research and understand the risks involved before you start investing.

1) Buy and Hold: This is the most common way to invest in crypto-currencies. You buy coins at a certain price and then hold them for a period of time, hoping they will increase in value. This is a passive form of investing and there is no guarantee that you will make money by doing so.

2) Trading: This is a more active form of trading

cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum
cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum

If you're considering investing in crypto-currencies, here are a few things to keep in mind for the long term.

Crypto-currencies are a way to invest money that has the potential to increase in value over time. Typically, people invest in crypto-currencies by exchanging euros for a sum of crypto-currencies, with the hope that the value of the crypto-currency will increase in the future. If the crypto-currency does indeed increase in value, the goal is to sell it at a higher price than what was paid, resulting in a capital gain. The long-term investment strategy is also known as "hold" in the crypto-currency world. Bitcoin (BTC) is currently the most traded crypto-currency, and while it can be used to purchase goods and services in several countries, payment by crypto-currency is not yet widespread in France. This means that there may be some risk in investing in bitcoin or other crypto-currencies, as the full potential of these currencies has not yet been realized. However, many people believe that crypto-currencies are a good investment opportunity because of their growth potential. Only time will tell if this proves to be true or not. Thank you for reading!

cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum
cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum

Long-term investing is more accessible for beginners, as you will only need to buy cryptos and store them in a wallet. In order to make a passive and less stressful investment, a wallet (crypto wallet) is like a virtual or physical safe that can hold and secure crypto assets. Thus, an investor makes a bet that the value of bitcoin, for example, increases. If it does, it's up to the investor to decide when to make his or her profits (or limit his or her losses). Some investors simply hold on to their cryptocurrencies in the hope that their value will continue to rise. Others may cash out periodically in order to enjoy their profits. However, investors should be aware of the risks involved in trading crypto-currencies before making any decisions. Prices can crash as easily as they can rise, and even experienced investors can lose money if they are not careful. Beginners should also be aware of the risk of fraud and scams in the crypto-currency world. Many scammers prey on unsuspecting investors, so it's important to do your research and only invest in reputable projects. Finally, remember that investing in crypto-currencies is a long-term game. Don't expect to get rich quick, and don't get discouraged if your investments don't perform as well as you would like in the short term. With patience and perseverance, you can

The goal of this strategy is to make few low-risk trades in the crypto-currency market in order to achieve long-term success. This does not require regular activity, and can be done with minimal effort.

What exactly is a crypto-currency?

cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum
cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum

Crypto-currencies are digital assets that rely on a technology called blockchain. These crypto-assets allow for peer-to-peer exchanges without any intermediaries, such as banks or insurance companies. Anyone interacting with the blockchain has control and responsibility over their money. At any time, users can transfer their assets without the authorization of a third party, regardless of the amount or the recipient.

With crypto-currencies, there is no need for a third party to approve or facilitate transactions. This means that transaction fees are much lower than traditional methods like wire transfers or credit card payments. In addition, crypto-currencies can be used to make purchases anonymously, which is attractive to many users.

Although crypto-currencies are still in their infancy, they have the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with and use money. For now, however, it's important to exercise caution when investing in or using these currencies. As with any new technology, there are always risks. But if you want to explore this exciting new world, there's no better time than now to get started

What is blockchain and why should we be interested in it?

cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum
cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum

Blockchain is a technology that allows the secure storage and exchange of data without a centralized intermediary. This technology is based on complex algorithms and cryptography, and every user can verify the validity of the blockchain. The blockchain is like a book of accounts that can be read and modified by everyone, without anyone being able to modify or destroy its contents.

Trading crypto currencies can be a great way to make money, but it's important to know what you're doing. Here are some tips to help you get started.

cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum
cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum

Blockchain is a technology that allows the storage and exchange of values without a centralized intermediary. This is done through a complex system of algorithms and cryptography that secures the data. Each user can verify the validity of the chain, making it a trustworthy source. The blockchain is like a ledger that can be read and modified by anyone, making it a secure and accessible way to store information.

Blockchain is a technology that allows people to exchange value without a centralized intermediary. The blockchain is a public ledger that uses cryptography to secure data. This ledger can be read and modified by anyone, and no one can alter or destroy its contents. The blockchain allows people to exchange value without the need for a third party. This makes it possible to send and receive money without using a bank or other financial institution. Blockchain also has the potential to revolutionize other industries, such as music, by making it easier for artists to sell their music directly to fans

Fees charged for each transaction

Crypto-currencies require the payment of fees in order to conduct a transaction on the blockchain. These fees are necessary to prevent spam and ensure that each transaction is verified. They also help cover the costs of maintaining the blockchain. The fee is paid by the sender of the transaction and goes to the miners who verify it. The amount of the fee varies depending on the currency, but it is usually a small fraction of a cent.


Cryptography is used in transactions to ensure their validity. To be validated, a complex mathematical equation must be solved by computers. To do this, cryptographic algorithms are used, which make the equation impossible to solve by humans. There are two main types of cryptographic consensus algorithms: Proof-Of-Work and Proof-of-Stake.

PoW is the original consensus algorithm and is used by Bitcoin. It involves miners using specialized hardware to solve equations. The first miner to solve the equation is rewarded with newly minted coins. PoS was created as an alternative to PoW. It does not require specialized equipment and consumes much less energy. In the PoS system, coin holders put their coins into play to validate transactions. The staking process involves locking in your coins for a period of time. The longer you put your coins into play, the more likely you are to be selected to validate a transaction and earn a reward.

Staking: a passive investment that generates interest in crypto

Staking is a way to invest in a blockchain and earn regular interest. On blockchains, staking is a way to participate in the validation of transactions and/or the security of the network. Your investment contributes to the smooth running of a blockchain.

Staking is possible on blockchains using a verification model called "proof-of-stake". This operation is much less energy consuming than the "proof-of-work" model. Indeed, the latter requires miners to use energy to validate transactions. With the proof-of-stake model, stakeholders are instead rewarded for locking in their funds.

If you want to hold crypto currency for the medium to long term, one option is to use a staking service. With this method, you receive daily, weekly or monthly interest that accumulates on your tokens. This can be a great way to increase your holdings over time and avoid having to wait for the value of the chip to increase. Another benefit of staking is that it can help secure the network by providing funding for nodes. This can be a great way to support the crypto community and potentially earn rewards at the same time. Staking services typically require you to lock in your tokens for a set period of time, so be sure to do your research before choosing one.

If you are looking for a staking service, we recommend you check out Crypto Earn. With Crypto Earn, you can deposit your coins and receive up to 8 % of interest per year on them. There is no lock-in period, so you can withdraw your coins at any time. And if you want to learn more about how to earn interest on your crypto-currency holdings, check out our guide to the best crypto-currency interest

This is the email address we will use to communicate with you about your account.

What is staking?

Staking is a way to validate new transactions that are added to a blockchain. People who want to validate new transactions must invest in the native crypto of that blockchain. The blockchain's protocol will then choose validators to confirm blocks of transactions between participants. The more they invest, the more likely they are to be rewarded with new crypto currency tokens. Every time a block is added to the blockchain, new crypto tokens are created and distributed throughout the network. To access this type of investment, all you need to do is create an account on the blockchain. You can then receive and bet the native crypto.

Proof-of-stake cryptos are a great investment because they offer rewards for staking. It is a way to earn passive income by holding your coins. The downside is that there is some risk, as the value of the coin can go down. However, if you do your research and choose a solid coin, the potential rewards are worth the risk.

Yield Farming

Yield Farming is a method of passively generating interest in cryptocurrencies. Escrowed funds provide liquidity to a decentralized financial protocol used to enable trading and borrowing. When a user borrows crypto-currencies from the platform, they are essentially locking in a sum of money that they can use in the future. The platform then uses that money to trade on the user's behalf and generate interest. The user can then claim their earnings when they are ready to return the borrowed funds. Yield farming is a great way to generate income from your crypto-currencies without having to sell them. It is also a very effective way to use your unused crypto assets to earn a return.

There are many yield farming platforms available today, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the most popular yield farming platforms include:

MakerDAO: MakerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that provides the stablecoin Dai, which is pegged to the U.S. dollar. Users can lock their ETH into collateralized debt positions (CDP) smart

Liquidity providers are rewarded for their investment in a liquidity pool through fees paid by traders. The more capital provided to the liquidity pool, the higher the rewards. This makes it a potentially lucrative investment opportunity, especially when compared to staking. However, the complex strategies of return farming can be quite a deterrent for novices who have not yet started investing in crypto-currencies.

Choosing the best platform to invest in crypto-currencies

cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum
cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum

There are many players in this very lucrative market, which is why it is essential to choose a trusted crypto-currency exchange platform. In order to avoid as much as possible the abuses of this new market with little supervision, the Pact law has set up a framework to regulate the platforms selling crypto-currencies. The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) is thus responsible for monitoring the activity of digital service providers (NSPs): this category includes financial intermediaries offering services related to investment in crypto-assets.

The best way to ensure the legitimacy of a crypto-currency trading platform is to check if it is registered with the AMF. You can find a list of all registered platforms on the AMF website. In addition, it is also important to check whether the platform has been authorized by the competent authority of the country where it is located.

Another way to find out if a crypto currency exchange platform is legitimate is to check user reviews and ratings. See what other users have to say about their experience with the platform. If the reviews are mostly positive, there is a good chance that the platform is legitimate. On the other hand, if there are mostly negative reviews, it is best to avoid that platform.

In general, when you choose

When choosing a crypto-currency platform, there are several factors to consider. The security of the platform is an important consideration. Another factor is its ease of use. Some platforms are more user-friendly than others. In addition, it is important to consider the platform's features and how they match your needs. Finally, you should also look at the price of the platform and see if it is affordable for you. By considering all these factors, you can choose the best crypto currency platform for you.

When it comes to security, it is important to consider how the platform stores your private keys. Some platforms use hot wallets, which are connected to the Internet, while others use cold wallets, which are offline. Cold wallets are considered more secure because they are not vulnerable to hacking. In addition, it is important to consider how the platform handles your personal information. Make sure the platform has a good privacy policy in place so that your information is safe.

Ease of use is another important factor in choosing a platform. Some platforms have more features than others, and some may be easier to use than others. It is

Crypto-currency trading platforms that allow customers to trade other crypto-currencies against the one they currently hold.

Protect your crypto-currencies

cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum
cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum

When investing in digital assets, it is essential to know how to secure your possessions. The first step is to enable dual authentication on all apps and websites used to buy or sell cryptos. You should also avoid trading cryptos when using unsecured internet connections in public places.

To secure your digital assets, you'll need to familiarize yourself with wallets. There are several types of wallets, but one of the most important things to remember is to never store your crypto-currencies on an exchange. Instead, use a wallet that you control. That way, even if an exchange is hacked, your funds will be safe.

Another way to protect your digital assets is to use a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are physical devices that store your private keys offline. This makes them much more secure than online wallets, as they cannot be hacked.

Finally, always remember to keep your private keys safe and never share them with anyone. If you take these precautions, you can be sure that your digital assets will be well protected.

How do you know which crypto currency project is the most attractive?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a project to invest your savings in. Every day, new tokens appear and disappear, and it can be difficult to determine which ones are worth investing in. Stories of scams and theft are common in the crypto-currency world, so it's important to do your research before investing.

Many self-proclaimed experts advise betting on the "next bitcoin". However, just like the stock market, no one can determine with certainty whether a company will rise in value or not. It's important to limit your risk and maximize your profit when investing in crypto-currencies.

When considering investing in a project, look at the team behind it, the technology they are using and the problem they are solving. Research the project thoroughly before investing your hard-earned money. With careful consideration and due diligence, you can make wise investments in the world of crypto-currencies and profit from them.

Review the literature and aids available to you to reach a conclusion.

When looking for a crypto currency project, it is important to start by looking at the website. The website is often the first place to find information about a crypto currency project. This includes the white paper, which is comparable to a company's business plan. The white paper should explain the goals and objectives of the crypto-currency project, as well as provide information about the status and identity of the company. The website should also include a contact page with information on how to reach the company's representatives. Finally, it is also important to check the legal page to ensure that the project is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Crypto-currencies are becoming increasingly popular, and many people are choosing to invest in them. While it's important to do your research before investing in a crypto-currency, it's also good to know that not all foreign-based companies are shady. In fact, there are a number of countries deemed tax-friendly where you can do business with a company that deals in crypto-currencies. However, if you run into a problem with one of these companies, you will have very little recourse to recover your funds. Indeed, the French jurisdiction will not be of any help to you. Finally, it is important to be aware of the referral and affiliate programs offered by many crypto-currency platforms and blockchain projects. These programs allow customers to earn bonuses by inviting their friends to join the company.

The objective of this project is to improve the productivity and profitability of the company.

Some marketing campaigns indicate the seriousness or lack thereof of a blockchain project. Projects that promise a return should be viewed with suspicion, as should those that use terminology that sounds too good to be true. Projects led by experts are more reassuring than those without an established team.

When considering a project, it is important to look at the team behind it. A project with an experienced and reputable team is more likely to be legitimate than one that is not. Also, be wary of projects that make grandiose promises or use marketing language that sounds too good to be true. These are often red flags that the project may not be as legitimate as it seems.

It is also worth noting that some projects may be more serious and legitimate than others, even if they are not backed by a team of experts. In these cases, other factors such as the project's goals and its use of blockchain technology can be indicative of its legitimacy. Overall, when investigating a project, it is important to exercise caution and use your best judgment.

There are a few things to look for when trying to determine if a blockchain project is worth investing in. One of the most important is to find a project that is discussed on authoritative sites. This means that the project has been recognized as reliable and worthy of attention. If you hear about a project from questionable sources or, worse yet, directly from the founder, it is best to stay away.Another important thing to look for is a project with strong community support. This means that there are people who are passionate about the project and are working to make it happen. A good way to tell if a project has a strong community is to look for online forums where people are talking about the project. If you don't see much activity, it's best to move on to another project.Finally, you want to make sure the team behind the project is reputable and has a good track record. You can check out their LinkedIn profiles and see what other projects they've worked on in the past. If they look like they know what they're doing, there's a good chance the project is worth investing in

With the recent explosion of crypto-currencies, which ones hold the most promise for investment?

cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum
cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum

Crypto-currencies will still be a good investment in 2022, provided you have a good understanding of the market. You should never invest in something you don't understand, and the crypto-currency market is no exception. As you learn more about cryptos, you will be able to find some great projects to invest in. Just remember to never invest more than you can afford to lose.

There you have it! Some thoughts on investing in crypto-currencies in 2022. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below!

Crypto-currencies for beginners

Crypto-currencies are digital assets that use cryptography to secure their transactions and control the creation of new units. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other established crypto-currencies are good starting points for beginners, as the information available about them is understandable and easily accessible. Bitcoin is often compared to a digital version of gold, while Ethereum is known for its innovative technology.

Crypto-currencies other than bitcoin, such as Cardano (ADA) and Solana (SOL), have seen increased development and popularity in 2021. These altcoins are likely to see continued growth in the coming years. Many blockchain experts believe that Cardano and Solana have great potential to become major players in the crypto-currency world. These tokens have already shown promise, with both experiencing significant growth in 2021. It is likely that they will continue to be successful in the future as more and more people become interested in alternative currencies. Thank you for reading! I hope this article has helped you

Investing in crypto-currency projects without buying crypto-currencies

cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum
cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum

Token volatility can be a concern for investors, who may fear a speculative bubble. However, there are other ways to gain exposure to the blockchain, metaverse and crypto-currency innovation sector. Solutions include rephrasing the content of the brief in paragraph form.

Another option is to invest in companies that are building the infrastructure of this new world. These are the "pick and shovel" games of the crypto world, and they offer investors a way to participate in the growth of the sector without having to deal with the volatility of tokens.

So, if you are

Crypto ETFs are a great way to invest in the crypto-currency market without having to buy and manage digital assets directly.

An ETF is a fund that tracks the price of a financial asset. The ProShares ETF holds futures contracts on the valuation of bitcoins. Futures contracts are financial instruments that anticipate the price movement of an "underlying" asset in the future: a stock index, a stock, or a digital asset such as a crypto-currency. This financial asset is bought and then sold at a price that reflects the change in price of the underlying asset

The Oct. 20 listing of the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF caused a stir in the cryptocurrency world, as it offers investors exposure to bitcoin without having to buy and hold the digital currency itself. The fund tracks futures contracts on the CBOE Bitcoin Futures Index, which launched on Dec. 10,

The ETF offers investors a way to enter the bitcoin market without buying the cryptocurrency directly. This makes it a more accessible investment option for those who are interested in the digital currency but don't want to deal with the day-to-day management of buying and selling bitcoins.

The ETF tracks the performance of the digital currency, so investors will experience the same ups and downs as if they were holding bitcoin directly. But because it is traded on an exchange, it is a more liquid investment than buying bitcoin itself.

The fund is also insured against loss or theft of the underlying bitcoins

In the stock market, create a basket of relevant stocks.

It is possible to buy shares of publicly traded companies that are already in the blockchain business or plan to invest in it. Some examples are given in the content. To learn more, read our overview of methods to invest in cryptos on the stock market.

What are the tax consequences of investing in crypto-currencies?

cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum
cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum

The tax return saw a new box appear in 2020: it is digital assets. The early days of this taxation of crypto income caused a lot of confusion. Today, the tax regime applied is clearer. If you have already opened a crypto trading account, and made capital gains by buying and reselling cryptos, you are taxable (above €305 profit). As long as you have not resold your digital assets against a state currency (dollar, euro, etc.), you are not taxable.

Here are the main points to remember about taxes

-You are taxable if you have made a profit by buying and reselling cryptocurrencies

-you are not taxable if you have not sold your digital assets for state currency

-You are only taxable on profits above 305 €.

-If you have questions about the tax treatment of digital assets, consult a tax professional.

Crypto-currencies are considered property for tax purposes, which means you must report any income you receive from them. There are a few things to keep in mind when reporting your crypto-currency income: first, you must calculate the fair market value of the crypto-currencies at the time of receipt. This value can be found on various online exchanges. Second, you must report capital gains or losses on your taxes. If you sell your crypto-currencies for more than you paid, you will have to pay capital gains tax on the difference. If you sell them for less than you paid, you will have a capital loss that can be used to offset other taxable income. Finally, you must report any expenses related to crypto-currencies, such as fees paid to an exchange or mining costs. These expenses can be used to offset your capital gains or losses.

When it comes to the taxation of crypto-currencies, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you must calculate the fair market value of the crypto-currencies at the time of receipt. Second, you must report capital gains or losses on your taxes. Finally,

In summary, investing in crypto-currencies can be a risky but potentially lucrative venture. Before making any decisions, do your research and always consult a financial advisor.

Crypto-currencies can be a great way to invest your money and increase your wealth. However, some experts are still skeptical about their potential. Despite this, there is no doubt that blockchain technology and its many uses will be part of our future. If you want to learn more about investing in crypto-currencies, we suggest you check out our various guides that are presented in this article. Just click on the internal links to access the corresponding guide.

As a reminder, this Climb guide is not investment advice. While we are enthusiastic about crypto-currencies, we would like to warn you that you should always consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

There are many ways to find reliable sources for your research. Here are some tips:

-Check the source's credentials. Is he or she an expert in his or her field? Do they have relevant credentials?

-Consider the bias of the source. Is the information provided biased toward a particular point of view? Does the source have a hidden agenda?

Crypto-currencies have been around for a while, but they have only recently become popular. There are many types of crypto-currencies, but the most popular is bitcoin. Crypto-currencies are digital or virtual tokens that use cryptography to secure their transactions and control the creation of new units. Crypto-currencies are decentralized, which means they are not controlled by any government or financial institution. This makes them an attractive investment for many people, as they are not subject to government regulation.

However, crypto-currencies also have their drawbacks. Since they are unregulated, they can be used for illegal activities such as money laundering and drug trafficking. They are also very volatile, which means that their value can go up or down very quickly. This makes them a risky investment for many people.

Despite these risks, crypto-currencies are becoming increasingly popular. In 2017, the value of bitcoin jumped from around $1,000 to over $19,000. This has caused many people to invest in bitcoin and other crypto-currencies.

The popularity of crypto-currencies has also attracted the attention of many governments

Frequently asked questions

What is the most effective way to get crypto-currencies at a great price?

cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum
cryptocurrencies bitcoin ethereum is a site that compares prices from over 3000 brokers around the world in real time, to help you find the best deals when buying cryptocurrency. This makes it a very useful tool for anyone looking to invest in digital currencies.

The site is very easy to use, and you can search for the best prices on a variety of different cryptocurrencies. You can also set up price alerts, so you'll be notified when the price of a certain coin reaches a certain level.

Overall, is a great resource for anyone looking to buy or sell crypto-currencies

Is investing in crypto-currencies good for the environment? Is it possible to consider investing in crypto-currencies as "green"?

The mining of crypto-currencies consumes a lot of energy. Bitcoin and Ethereum are regularly cited as the most polluting blockchains due to their volume and operation. However, several studies and many innovations tend to prove that blockchain technology would not be so polluting, and could even reduce the impact of some traditional systems.

Blockchain technology has the potential to reduce the amount of energy used by some systems. For example, it could help reduce the amount of paper needed for documentation or allow for more efficient tracking of resources. Additionally, blockchain can help reduce pollution from other industries by making them more efficient. For example, a blockchain-based system could be used to track the movement of goods and ensure they are not transported unnecessarily.

There are many other potential applications of blockchain technology that could help reduce environmental impact. For example, smart contracts could be used to automatically offset carbon emissions, or to fund environmental projects. The possibilities are endless,

What are the most promising crypto-currencies for investment in 2022?

The most popular crypto-currencies at the beginning of 2018 are ADA, DOT, SOL, RIPPLE, BNB and BAT. There are others to consider if you think you can make a profit, but you need to do your own research before investing in cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to investing in crypto-currencies, it's important to do your own research to find the ones that are right for you. Consider looking at the track record of each one and reading up on their respective technologies. This will help you make an informed decision on which ones have the potential to be profitable investments. Good luck!

The halving event occurs when a crypto currency's rewards or mining fees are cut in half. This logically increases the price of a crypto as it becomes more difficult to obtain, making it more expensive and rare.

How to Create an E-Commerce Site: Getting Started is Easy How to Create a Business with WordPress

Creating an e-commerce website can be a daunting task, but with the right guide, it can be a breeze. In this article, we're going to walk you through the steps necessary to create an e-commerce website. We'll start by explaining what an e-commerce site is, then we'll cover the different aspects of setting it up. Finally, we will provide you with a list of resources to help you get started.

An e-commerce website is a website that allows businesses to sell their products or services online. There are several aspects to consider when creating an e-commerce website, including domain name, hosting, design and payment processing.

The first step in creating an e-commerce website is to choose a domain name. The domain name is the address of your website, and it should reflect your business or brand. You will also need to choose a web hosting provider. Web hosting providers offer space on their servers for hosting websites.

The next step is to design your website. There are many different platforms you can use to create your site, such as WordPress, Shopify or Magento. You will need to choose a platform that meets your needs and is compatible with the domain name and hosting provider you have chosen. Once you have created your site, you will need to populate it with content and set up your payment processing system.

There are many payment processing systems, such as PayPal or Stripe. You will need to choose the system that works best for you and set it up on your website. Once your site is ready, you can start selling products or services online!

If you need help setting up your e-commerce site, there are many resources available online. The following websites offer helpful guides and tutorials:

Shopify :


Magento :

With the right tips, creating an e-commerce site can be easy and fun! So get started today and see how quickly you can start selling products or services online.

Creating an e-commerce site requires a lot of planning and thought. You need to decide which service is right for you in order to create a successful online store.


When creating an online store, the first step is to choose a publisher. There are many factors to consider when making this decision. Some of the important things to consider are the editor's functionality, its usability and the degree of customization it offers. Ultimately, the editor you choose should meet your needs and make creating your store easy and enjoyable.

Functionality is an important consideration when choosing an editor. Make sure the editor you choose has all the features you need to create a successful online store. The editor should allow you to easily add and remove products, manage inventory, take orders and process payments. It should also provide tools to market your store and promote your products.

Usability is another important element. The editor you choose should be easy to use and understand. It should have a user-friendly interface that makes creating and managing your store easy and straightforward.

The degree of customization offered by the editor is also important. Some editors are very flexible and allow you to customize almost every aspect of your store. Others are much more limited in what you can customize.

The fact that it is easy to use.


Easy to use website builders are the best option for those who are just starting out in online sales. These builders make it easy to create a website, including an e-commerce site, without requiring any technical knowledge. If you want the simplest solution, you can choose to use a web hosting service to install WordPress and its WooCommerce plugin. However, this solution is more complicated and requires more technical knowledge. The best way to start is to choose an easy-to-use website builder.

The choice of themes and features is yours.


When creating an e-commerce site, it's important to consider the various features and options offered by the service you choose. Some of the most useful options include live previews of your changes, drag and drop functionality, and the ability to add widgets to your site. In addition, some e-commerce services offer predefined payment or delivery options. By taking these factors into account, you can create a more functional and efficient e-commerce business.

When choosing an ecommerce website editor, it's important to find one that offers a variety of themes to choose from, as well as the ability to customize them to meet your specific needs. In addition, you'll want to make sure that the editor is easy to use and offers a variety of features that can help make your website stand out from the competition. By taking the time to find an ecommerce website editor that meets all of these criteria, you can be sure that you will be able to create a website that is both professional and attractive to potential customers.

Offers and prices

e commerce

Creating an e-commerce website can be a daunting task, but there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a website builder. The first criteria is price: you need to find a subscription that offers all the options you need. The next step is to find the best possible value for your money. The website publishers we're going to talk about are all very affordable, so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank. Now that you know what to look for when creating an e-commerce website, let's get down to business

There are several things you need to do to create a successful online store. The first step is to choose the right platform. You need to find a platform that is easy to use and offers all the features you need. The next step is to find a theme that fits your brand and style. Once you have found the perfect theme, you need to add products and start promoting your store. You can promote your store through social media, search engine optimization or by running ads. If you follow these steps, you will be well on your way to creating a successful online store. Thank you for reading

If you are looking to create an e-commerce site, here are some of the best tools available.

To create an online store, you will need an editor to help you design and create your site. There are three best editors for this purpose: Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. These editors are easy to use and have a wide range of templates for you to choose from. They also offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the result.

Wix is a popular site builder that offers a wide range of templates for you to choose from. It also offers 0.5 to 50 GB of storage space and a free domain name for one year.

Weebly is another popular site builder that offers 140 different site templates. It also offers unlimited storage space and a free domain name.

Squarespace is a popular site builder that offers 100 different site templates. It also offers storage space from 2GB to unlimited and a free domain name for one year.

The content of the rating is that this is a great place to stay, with a 9.4 rating from guests. It is very conveniently located and very affordable. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and the rooms are very clean and comfortable. Overall, this is a great place to stay, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a budget place to stay in Ho Chi Minh City.

1. Wix

How to create an online store with Wix?

1. Go to the publisher's website to register.

2. Once you are logged in, you can directly start creating your site.

3. Wix will ask you what type of site you want to create, check "Online store".

4. Follow the instructions on the screen to create your online store.

Creating an e-commerce site with Wix is simple. You will first have to answer a few questions to choose a theme, then the Wix editor will present you with your site, ready to be modified. The left side of your screen will give you access to all the necessary options to customize the pages of your sales site. To modify your e-commerce site, simply click on the blocks you wish to modify and drag them to organize your pages as you wish.

Creating an e-commerce site with Wix is simple. To start, answer a few questions to choose a theme for your site. Then, the Wix editor will present you your site, ready to be customized

To customize your e-commerce site, click on the blocks you want to change and drag them to organize your pages as you wish. The left side of your screen gives you access to all the options you need to customize the pages of your sales site

With Wix, creating an online store has never been easier. Get started today and see how easy it is to sell online!

Wix is easy to use and allows for extensive customization of your e-commerce, making it an excellent choice for online stores. In addition to its user-friendly design, Wix offers a range of features that make setting up and running your store a breeze. These features include the ability to create product listings, add payment methods and manage shipping methods. With Wix, you can also take advantage of the live preview feature to see what your store will look like before you go live. Overall, Wix is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly e-commerce platform.

Creating an online store with Wix is a great way to simplify the process of selling products and services online. Wix offers a number of features that make it easy to create and manage your store, including an AI-driven site builder and automatic tax calculation. With Wix, you can create a beautiful and functional online store that is easy to manage and grow. So, if you're looking to sell products or services online, Wix is a great platform to consider. Thanks for reading!

With Wix's Business Basic plan, you can create an e-commerce site with a monthly price of €20.40. The next plan is called Business Advanced, and it is offered at €30.60 per month. With this package, you can create an e-commerce website for a monthly price of €30.60. The last package is called Business Premium, and it is offered at €40.80 per month. With this plan, you can create an e-commerce website for a monthly fee of €40.80. Each of these plans has its own set of features. So be sure to choose the one that best suits your needs.

To create an e-commerce site with Wix, you must choose one of the following three packages: Business Basic, Business Advanced or Business Premium. The first package is offered at €20.40 per month and allows you to create an online store. The next package, Business Advanced, offers you more features for a monthly fee of €30.60. Finally, Business Premium offers the most complete set of features for a monthly fee of 40,80€. Choose the package that best suits your needs and start creating your online store!

Creating an online store with Wix is a great way to start your business quickly and easily. The Basic Business subscription is a great place to start, and at €31.20/month, it's a great value. This plan includes 35GB of storage, the ability to add up to 250 dropshipping items and 1,000 comments on your items. If you need more storage space or want additional features, the Business Unlimited plan is a great option. Priced at $36.90 per month, this plan includes 50GB of storage, the ability to add up to 500 dropshipping items and 5,000 comments on your items. Finally, the Business VIP plan is the most advanced option, and at €42/month, it offers all the features of the other plans plus additional storage and other benefits. So, if you're looking to create an online store quickly and easily, Wix is a great option! Thanks for reading!

You will find that the value for money is very good for your e-commerce site creation. This means that you can find high quality products at a lower cost, which is great for your customers. You will be able to provide them with great products at a fraction of the price, which is sure to keep them coming back to your site again and again. With this, you will be able to create a successful and sustainable online business. So what are you waiting for? Start looking at the value for money today and see how it can benefit to your e-commerce site!

2. Zyro

-The best site builder for absolute beginners

If you're starting your website from scratch and don't know where to begin, Zyro is the website builder for you.

To get started, Zyro offers a variety of subscription options for users to choose from. The first step is to create an account with the publisher, then select the subscription that best suits your needs. Zyro offers a variety of options, including free and premium subscriptions. Once you choose a subscription, you can start building your e-commerce site.

The process of creating an e-commerce website with Zyro is very simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to the official Zyro page.

2. Create an account with the editor.

3. Select a subscription.

4. Start creating your website.

Zyro allows users to easily create and manage their e-commerce sites. With its user-friendly interface and numerous subscription options, Zyro is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to create a successful online store. Thank you for choosing Zyro!

Creating an online store with Zyro is a simple and intuitive process. The editor allows you to choose from a variety of e-commerce-friendly designs and gives you a live preview of your pages. You can easily modify them by hovering your mouse over the desired blocks and moving them around with a simple drag and drop.

The main options at your disposal appear in a menu bar located on the left of your editor. It is in this menu that you will find a tab dedicated to your online store. Here you can create forms, add products and manage your orders.

Creating an online store with Zyro is the first step to success in e-commerce. With just a few clicks, you'll have a professional-looking website ready to sell your products or services. Try it today and see for yourself how easy it is to use Zyro.

Zyro is an easy-to-use website builder with many themes. It also has e-commerce features that allow you to sell on networks and marketplaces. You can also use the artificial intelligence feature to help you create your online sales site.

Zyro is a good platform to create an e-commerce website, but it is not as complete as Wix. Its offerings and prices are also a bit less competitive. However, it is a good option if you are looking for a quality e-commerce site.

Zyro offers more affordable e-commerce packages than Wix. In addition, Zyro often offers discounts to new customers. To choose a Zyro subscription, simply click on "Select" below the desired plan.

4. Jimdo

To create an e-commerce website, you can consider using Jimdo online editor. This is a good option for creating a website. Although it is not as feature rich as Wix and Zyro, it is still a good value for money.

Creating an online store with Jimdo is very easy. Just register on the official website and follow the instructions. You'll be able to create a professional looking website in no time.

Start customizing your e-commerce site now with Jimdo. In the menu on the left, you'll find all the options for your pages. You can change both the content and the look of your pages. Jimdo offers you a preview of your pages that you can work on directly. For e-commerce, go to the "E-boutiq" menu and use drag & drop to edit the blocks on your pages. You can now add products, configure shipping and payments, and start selling online!

Adding items for sale on Jimdo is easy - you can either use templates or set up your own shipping and payment options. With Jimdo, you have predefined settings that you can activate or deactivate with a single click, depending on your needs. So it's easy to set up your online store. As we've seen, Jimdo offers a wide range of themes and customization options, as well as a live preview and the ability to easily manage shipping and payment methods. You can also use Jimdo to create a blog or website, making it a versatile and powerful platform for online businesses. Thank you Jimdo!

First of all, this tool allows you to add a variety of payment methods to your online store. These include all major credit cards through Stripe, as well as PayPal. In addition, Jimdo also has a legal text generator, which can be very useful for creating your "Privacy Policy" and "Legal Noticeas well as your "Return Policy" and "Terms and Conditions" for online stores.

You can also add a number of widgets to your online store through Jimdo, which you can access from your website. This is a great way to personalize and tailor your store to your visitors.

To create an e-commerce site with Jimdo, you'll need to choose one of their three subscription plans. The first plan, called Basic, costs $15 per month and gives you access to all the basic functions for making sales on the internet. This plan includes 10 GB of storage, payment integration and up to 10 pages.

The premium plan, called Business, costs €19 per month and includes all the features of the basic plan as well as unlimited storage space and pages.

Finally, there is a third plan called Pro which costs €29 per month. This plan includes all the features of the Business plan as well as a personalized domain name and priority customer support.

Depending on your needs, you can choose the subscription plan that suits you best to create your e-commerce site with Jimdo.

E-commerce site builders should consider Jimdo for its subscription plans. VIP, the most advanced subscription, is priced at $39 per month and includes unlimited pages and storage space, as well as a professional design audit. This package also provides you with technical support within an hour. Jimdo is also interesting from the point of view of offer and price. You can choose a plan by clicking on the "Sign Up" button of the corresponding plan.

After that, it's time to start doing more advanced routing.


By now you know that the easiest way to create an online store is to use an editor specialized in the field. The three best tools, in order, are probably the ones we have presented in this guide: Wix, Zyro and Jimdo. They are easy to use and the quality/price ratio is relatively good. Take care to compare these editors to make a relevant choice according to your needs and expectations.

In any case, know that the most important solution is not the tools you use, but the products you sell and the quality of your service. With a good product and a little marketing, you can create a very successful e-commerce site!

Wix is a popular website builder that allows users to create professional-looking websites without prior experience or design skills.

3.6 Overall Score

YANN DARWIN: What is the value of his teaching?



Yann Darwin is a legitimate and highly respected real estate investor. He has many years of experience in this field and is passionate about help others learn to invest in real estate. His Academy is becoming more and more popular as more and more people want to learn from him. He is a man of his word and has a proven track record. Everyone who attends his Academy is in good hands.


Yann is in great demand for his advice and expertise in this field. He has a wealth of knowledge to share with those who wish to make a profit through real estate investing. He is a person you can trust to give you the information you need to succeed.

Yann has a lot of knowledge to share with his followers, and he does it in an engaging and informative way. He has been sharing his expertise on his YouTube channel since 2016, and it has become very popular. He also shares his life as an entrepreneur and investor on Facebook and Instagram, where he has many followers.

Yann's experience as an investor makes him a valuable source of information for others looking to get into the market. He has experienced many setbacks, but he has also learned a lot from them. This makes him someone who can offer valuable information to others. Through Yann, investors have access to valuable knowledge and advice that can help them succeed.


Yann Darwin is a great resource for anyone looking to get into real estate investing. He has over 250 videos available on YouTube that provide clear and concise instructions on how to succeed in this business. His success as a firefighter gives him the perfect experience to help others achieve similar results in real estate. Thank you, Yann!


This book is a great resource for beginners who want to learn about the real estate ecosystem. It provides a lot of information that can help them get started in this industry. Also, the training excerpt that is included in the pack is very useful, and it can teach people a lot about how to get into real estate. Overall, this pack is a great way to get into real estate, and it provides a lot of valuable information.


I highly recommend this real estate investing course as the most comprehensive and up-to-date course available on the internet. Yann is committed to continuing to update the course with new modules as needed, and he recently added 15 videos on real estate agents. This course can help you to create and develop a business of prosperous preponderance.


The author has obviously made many mistakes in his career, which he discusses in detail to share the lessons he learned from them. This is more rewarding than listening to a moderately experienced individual who has only bought 2 or 3 apartments in his life and is selling a quick fix that he hasn't really experienced. At least it has the merit of being authentic.

Once you have completed the Creating and Growing a Real Estate Business course, you will have access to a private Facebook group where you will be accompanied on a daily basis by 6 coaches. All of these coaches are real estate professionals with extensive experience in the industry. This will allow you to launch your real estate business with confidence, knowing that you can


This training is a great investment that can help you achieve your financial goals. The support offered after the purchase is amazing and makes this training the reference in real estate investment education ecosystems. The only downside is the cost, which is $3,994 including tax. But when you consider all that this training offers, it is truly a bargain.


If you decide to buy it, the Greenbull Campus website offers payments in 2, 4 or 8 times, which considerably reduces the investment.

The program is excellent, and I learned a lot from it. The training is eligible for different types of financing (CPF, OPCO, FAF, Pôle Emploi, etc.), so it's a great opportunity to invest in yourself.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their skills and learn more about web development.


Module 1: The refresher course was very helpful in reminding me of some of the basics of real estate. It was a good review before starting module 2.

Module 2: In this module you will create a plan of action for buying and selling real estate. You will learn how to find the best deals before anyone else and navigate the legal and tax systems.

Module 3: This module is dedicated to finding the right property to buy. You will learn about the different types of properties, what to look for when buying and how to make an offer that the seller cannot refuse.

Module 4: In this module, you will visit potential properties. You will learn how to evaluate them, what to look for during a visit and what questions to ask the seller or owner.

Module 5: Taxation can be confusing, but this module will make it easy to understand. You'll learn about the different types of taxes, deductions for homeowners, and how to properly file your tax return.

module 6: having the right mindset is essential when it comes to money. In this module, you will discover the different personalities of money and how develop a healthy relationship with money.

module 7: negotiation is an important skill in real estate. In this module, you will learn strategies for negotiating with buyers, sellers, landlords and lenders.

module 8: it's time to get down to business! In this module, you will discover the different professions related to real estate transactions and what they involve.

module 9: applying for a loan can be intimidating, but this module will make it easier. You'll learn about the different types of loans available, what lenders are looking for and how to prepare a loan application that stands out from the crowd.

module 10: once you've found the perfect property, it's time to close the deal! In this module, you will learn about the steps involved in buying a property through a notary.

module 11: leasing can be a great way to get started in real estate. In this module, you will learn about the different types of leases available and what landlords look for in potential tenants.

Module 12: Furnished rentals can be an attractive option for people who have just moved to an area or who don't want to deal with furnishing a new home from scratch. On the other hand, they can also be more expensive and harder to find. In this module, you will learn about the pros and cons of furnished rentals and how to find them.

Module 13: Companies with a majority of real estate assets can be an excellent investment. In this module, you will learn about the different types of companies and how to find them


The Wealthy Investor's Academy is a great investment for anyone looking to improve their financial knowledge. The Academy offers 60 hours of training that covers a wide range of topics, from life annuities to advanced investment strategies. The Academy also offers bonus modules, making it an even better value. The instructors are knowledgeable and experienced, and the online community is supportive and helpful. I highly recommend the Wealthy Investor's Academy to anyone looking to improve their financial situation.

Amy G.

I have been a member of the Wealthy Investor's Academy for over a year now, and it is one of the best investments I have ever made. The training is top notch and the instructors are extremely knowledgeable. I have learned a lot about investing, and I am now on the road to financial independence


When it comes to online business or personal development, testimonials can be questionable, as they present a one-time result. However, when it comes to real estate, the testimonials are different, as they present a long-term result. In fact, the testimonial of a 25 year old man who bought 5 properties in 3 years is an excellent example.


I am very proud to announce that after long negotiations with my employer, we have finally reached an agreement for me to officially leave my job on 12/20/2019. This is an incredible accomplishment that I never thought possible for me in such a short time. I am so grateful to my employer for working with me to reach this agreement, and I know I will always be grateful for the opportunities they have provided me. Thank you to the team for your support throughout this process!


I can't wait to see what the future holds and I'm so excited to keep working towards my goals. Thank you all for your support!"




>Write a positive paragraph by rewriting the brief provided by

It is very difficult to get new financing from the banks, which are now asking me to start amortizing. Being an eternal impatient with a great desire to keep moving forward, I decided to take the bull by the horns and make my own bank by self-financing the following properties:

1 house (purchase 25KE


I have found that self-funding through my rents and deferral power is a very effective strategy in real estate. By using this method, I have been able to accumulate considerable capital while keeping my monthly payments low. This has allowed me to maintain a high level of liquidity and flexibility, which is important in the current market. I would recommend this strategy to anyone looking to get into real estate.


It is important to remember that while self-financing can be an excellent way to accumulate capital, it is not the only strategy available. There are many different ways to finance real estate investments, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It's important to do your research and determine what works best for your situation


I would start living my life to the fullest! I would travel and see new places, meet new people and learn new things. I would also invest in my education and learn all I can about business and investing. I would work on my personal development and become the best possible version of myself. And finally, I would share my wealth with those in need and help make the world a better place.

If I won the lottery, my life would certainly change for the better. But no matter what happens, I will always be grateful for what I have and for every day I spend alive. Because at the end of the day, that's all that really matters 🙂 "


I started and not just a little. Thanks to you, I was able to win the lottery too! I know things haven't been going well for me lately, but with your help, I know I can turn things around. I am grateful for your support and I promise to stick to my goals so you can be proud of me.


>Write a positive paragraph by rewriting the brief Thank you!


Your lottery winning friend.

It's been a great year for me, especially financially. I made some great investments and am now reaping the rewards. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity and resources to make these choices, and I know they will continue to pay off in the years to come. Thank you for your support along the way!


I (we) went from 0€ outstanding to almost 1.4 million in 3 years. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication we have shown. Our net profit between 8 and 15% is something to be proud of, and with the good cash flow, things are looking even better! I will also be working as an agent in addition to my job for a rental project starting in February. This is an exciting next step that will bring me one step closer to my goal of financial independence. When you feel it getting closer... it's good. So there you have it, I'm not waiting to win the lottery, even though from time to time I dream about it... but MY freedom is close and I wanted to share it with you because it's comments like this that get me fired up too! Thank you all for your support. It means a lot to me.


A furnished rental investment can be a great way to get into the real estate business. By furnishing the property, you can provide a comfortable living space for your tenants and make the property more attractive to potential tenants. Furnished properties also tend to charge higher rents, allowing you to get a good return on your investment. When considering a furnished rental investment, it is important to consider the cost of furnishing the property and the higher rent that will be charged. With careful planning and research, a furnished rental investment can be a great way to get into real estate and make a good return on your investment.

If you are thinking of getting into the


You can expect a higher cash flow from your furnished rentals.




If you want to become a specialist in furnished rentals, this program is for you! You will learn all the different tax options step by step, and be guided through all the administrative steps. Plus, you'll learn how to rent your property faster and more expensively, and how to erase your taxes for several years! This program is packed with valuable information, so don't miss out and register today!


Professional level property management training can help individuals learn the essentials of leasing and accounting. By selecting a property and going through the administrative steps, renters can ensure a smooth experience. In addition, learning how to manage finances and track payments will help maintain budget goals.


Find the perfect case for you, whatever your style.



The best way to understand taxation is to use examples. Let's say you earn $50,000 a year. With current tax rates, you pay about $9,000 in taxes. However, if you move to a state with no income tax, such as Florida, you will only pay about $4,000 in taxes. This is because Florida has no income tax, so you get to keep more of your money. Of course, this isn't always the best solution, as tax rates vary from state to state, especially when it comes to sales tax and property tax. You need to find the right solution for YOUR situation.

There are many different types of taxes, and it can be confusing to try to figure out which one is right for you. However, by using examples, you can better understand how taxes work and find the right solution for your needs.


What is investing in furnished rentals? -> This is a training course that will help you to take action:



The best way to understand taxation and find the right solution for your situation is to look at examples. Figure 1 shows how the government can use taxes to generate revenue. This money is used to pay for public goods and services, such as roads, schools and health care.

Figure 2 shows an example of a tax deduction. In this case, the taxpayer is allowed to subtract $2,000 from his taxable income. This reduces the amount of tax he or she must pay.

Figure 3 shows an example of a tax credit. In this case, the taxpayer is allowed to subtract $1,000 from the amount of tax he owes. This reduces his tax bill by $1,000.

Figures 1 to 3 show how taxation can be used to help taxpayers save money on their taxes. By understanding these concepts, you can find the right solution for your unique situation.


Taxation can be a confusing concept, but with a little understanding, it can be easy to find the right solution for your situation. Let's take the example in the figure below. It shows the tax bracket for a single person earning $50,000 a year. This person is in the 25 % tax bracket, which means that he or she will pay 25 cents for every dollar earned over 37,950 $.

But what happens if that person earns $1,000 more? She then moves into the 28 % tax bracket, which means she'll pay 28 cents for every dollar she earns over $37,950. This increase may seem minor, but it can have a significant impact on your tax bill. That's because the difference between the 25 % and 28 % tax brackets is 2,050 $, so the extra 1,000 $ translates into an additional 210 $ in taxes.

It's important to understand how your income affects your tax bracket so you can make informed decisions about your finances. By knowing where you stand, you can plan ahead and ensure that you pay the least amount of tax possible.

If you're not sure which tax bracket you fall into, there are several ways to find out. You can use an online tax calculator or contact the IRS directly. You can also look at your tax return from last year to see what tax bracket you were in.

Once you know your tax bracket, you can start planning your return to normalcy


Taxation can be a confusing topic, but it's important to understand the basics so you can make the best decisions for your personal situation. Simply put, taxation is the process of taking money from individuals and businesses to fund government programs. There are many different types of taxes, and each has its own set of rules and regulations. It is important to work with a qualified tax professional to ensure that you are paying the right amount of tax and taking advantage of all available deductions and credits.

There are two main types of taxes: direct and indirect. Direct taxes are levied directly on individuals and businesses, while indirect taxes are levied on the purchase of goods and services. The most common direct taxes are income tax, property tax and estate tax. The most common indirect taxes are sales tax, value added tax (VAT),


Taxation can be confusing, but it's important to understand the system in order to get the most out of your finances. The best way to do this is to find a solution that fits your unique situation.

There are many different types of taxes, and each has its own set of rules. It can be difficult to navigate, but a good tax advisor can help you understand the system and find the right solution for you.

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a tax solution: first, make sure you understand the rules for the type of tax you are trying to solve. Second, find a solution that meets your needs and stays within your budget. Finally, make sure you get professional help to ensure you're getting the most out of your money.

With these things in mind, you can find a tax solution that works for you. With the right advice, you can ensure that you are making the most of your money and solving your tax problems in the best way possible.


Taxation is a necessary part of society. It pays for the important work our government does for us, such as building roads and protecting our safety. However, it can also be difficult to understand. That's why it's important to find the right solution for your situation. There are many different factors to consider, such as your income and expenses. But don't worry, there are plenty of resources to help you figure it out. The most important thing is to stay informed and ask questions if you don't understand something. With a little research, you can find the right solution for you and start paying your taxes with ease.


What is the CPF?



Taxation can be confusing, but it is important to understand it in order to find the best solution for your situation. The numbers and real-life examples in this article help illustrate how taxation works and what solutions are available to you. By understanding taxes, you can make the best choices for your financial future.

When it comes to taxes, there are a few key concepts you need to understand. First, there are two types of taxes: direct taxes and indirect taxes. Direct taxes are taxes that are taken directly from your income, such as income tax. Indirect taxes, on the other hand, are taxes that are levied on the purchase of goods and services


To make an appointment by phone, please contact __________.




Taxation can be confusing, but it's important to understand the system in order to make the best decisions for your financial future. The numbers and examples in this article can help you understand how taxes work and find the right solution for your specific situation. Don't worry if you don't understand it all at first: the tax codes are complex and it can take a while to get the hang of it. But with a little effort, you can better understand taxes and make informed choices about your money.

When it comes to taxes, there are two important things to understand: the tax code and the tax rate. The tax code is a set of rules that determine how much tax you must pay. The tax rate is the percentage of your income that you must pay in taxes.

Let's say you earn 50,000 $ per year

Our Opinion How to dropship with Shopify?

Our Opinion How to dropship with Shopify?

Why start dropshipping?

Why start dropshipping?

Dropshipping offers an excellent opportunity for people who want to start an e-commerce business. This business model allows merchants to relax from the logistical part of their operations. The supplier will take care of the storage and delivery itself.

Does evacuation really work? Construction is a lucrative and very exciting business! It is even the best solution for those who wonder how to make money online. The main thing is that this job allows you to open an online store without falling under product management.

What budget to start dropshipping?

For a non-competitive niche start-up, an average of 150 euros per month can be budgeted. However, it is in your best interest to invest a lot of money if you want to sell more, and therefore earn more!

What are the risks of dropshipping?

However, the dumping hides many bad surprises. Considered a source of fraud, this legal activity has been singled out because of its numerous frauds on customs duties, right of withdrawal, etc. Construction also encourages misleading advertising.

How to know if a site is a dropshipping site?

The trick is to do an "other image" search to see if the product image appears on another site. Many skips reuse Aliexpress or Amazon images directly from their site.

How do I know if the site is a Shopify site? The easiest way to know if a site is a uses Shopify is to check the URL. When you visit a website, the URL is at the top of the search page. All the Shopify sites use the same section descriptions and product URLs.

How not to fall into dropshipping?

A few tips on how not to be fooled by spills

  • Look for hidden costs. It is important to be aware of hidden costs. ...
  • Consult the users' opinions. ...
  • Compare prices. ...
  • Beware of excessive symptoms. ...
  • Look at the marketing statements.

How do you know if a product is saturated?

In fact, you need to type the product name to search on Facebook and YouTube. If you get more than 10 visual ads with a large number of views, ignore the product and move on to the next product; as it is probably a Dropshipping product in its own right.

How to make a dropshipping website?

When it comes to dumping, you have the option of creating your own online sales site or using a key location. There are even online services, including online suppliers and stores. You can also use solutions of electronic commerce like Shopify.

How to use the CMS?

The CMS function is as follows: on the one hand, pre-built pages, which you can freely choose: templates, on the other hand, the only content you need to go through these formats to build a page.

What is a Web CMS? Content Management System (CMS) is a software that allows you to design, manage and actively update websites or mobile applications.

How to set up a CMS?

In addition to collecting data from your guests, installing Cms is usually a simple process with existing scripts. After downloading the files for your guests, simply go to the Cms address on your site and follow the on-screen instructions.

Why use a CMS?

The main advantage of CMS is the ease of managing the page content - it is much easier to use than HTML and CSS code! Note here that the animation of a CMS includes its management (content entry), when programmed online!

What are the types of CMS?

Here is a list of the most commonly used CMS types:

  • Institutional sites: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SPIPâ ¦
  • Blogging: WordPress, PluXml, DotClear…
  • Website marketing: Drupal, eZ Publish, WordPress, HippoCMS…
  • Social networks: Drupal, WordPress.
  • Intranet: Drupal, eZ Publish.

Why is dropshipping frowned upon?

If the discount is disappointing, it is because many sellers have exaggerated the starting price to confuse customers that they will get a good deal. For example, a dropshipper may pay 500 $ per hour for a drop site.

Why is the spill so bad? Scandal-Builders: Producers The difference is that they don't do it. They also don't have suppliers who will handle the delivery. So once you order from their site, you will never get it.

How to get rich with dropshipping?

To get rich, you have to earn money. And to earn a reversal, you have to sell the product.... To satisfy you even more, here is the list of sections that have enriched it:

  • Beauty;
  • Hygiene;
  • Beauty products;
  • Mode;
  • Wellness.

Why is dropshipping legal?

Dropshipping, a hybrid model where the website publisher, if legally considered as a seller, concludes the sale to the final customer, but delegates all logistics to its suppliers (packaging, shipping and delivery of the product).

Our Opinion How to make money with dropshipping?

Our Opinion How to make money with dropshipping?

A company that benefits from the basic franchise system is not subject to VAT. It does not charge VAT to its customers and therefore does not have to file a VAT return. It only has to mention on its invoices the mention "VAT not applicable - article 293 B of the CGI".

What are the risks of dropshipping?

The dangers of dropshipping

  • Most suppliers require minimum packaging. ...
  • The risk of stock outs is also high;
  • Price control is difficult and depends largely on supplier decisions;
  • You are dependent on the supplier for delivery.

Why is dropshipping legal? Dropshipping is a hybrid model where the website publisher, if legally considered as the seller, concludes the sale with the final customer, but delegates all the logistics to its supplier (packaging, shipping and delivery of products).

What is the problem with dropshipping?

The disadvantages of dropshipping You are never sure of the quality of the product when you order. That's why you should always order your product before you start marketing it. This will also allow you to make a good publicity. The quality of delivery may leave something to be desired.

Does dropshipping really work?

Dropshipping is a profitable and very interesting business! It is even the most suitable solution for those who wonder how to make money on the internet. The most important point is that this business allows you to open an online store without being subject to inventory management.

Why is dropshipping frowned upon?

If dropshipping is frowned upon, it is because many sellers exaggerate the starting price to make customers believe they will get a good deal. For example, a dropshipper may offer a watch for 500 $ on his dropshipping site.

Does dropshipping really work? Dropshipping is a profitable and very interesting business! It is even the most suitable solution for those who wonder how to make money on the internet. The most important point is that this business allows you to open an online store without being subject to inventory management.

Why is dropshipping bad?

Dropshipping scam: The usurpers The difference is that they don't do it. They also don't have any suppliers that will handle delivery. So once you place an order on their site, you will never get delivery.

How to declare VAT dropshipping?

As a dropshipping entrepreneur, the applicable VAT will be that of the country where the buyer of your product is located. To declare and pay the VAT in the buyer's country of residence, you can use the OSS (One-Stop-Shop).

When to pay the import VAT? As of January 1, 2022, in accordance with Article 181 of Law No. 2019-1479, VAT no longer needs to be paid with your import customs declaration. You must declare and pay it with your monthly, quarterly or annual turnover declaration.

How to pay the import VAT?

The declaration and payment of import VAT is made directly with the VAT return (monthly or quarterly CA3) instead of the customs declaration. This new declaration method is mandatory for all taxpayers identified for VAT purposes.

Who invoices in dropshipping?

It is him who invoices the customer and collects the order. The dropshipper: it is a supplier or wholesaler who goes through a reseller to distribute its products. This actor is in charge of manufacturing the products, storing them and shipping them to the customer who ordered them.

Does dropshipping really work?

Is dropshipping profitable? The question is simple but the answer is not so simple: is dropshipping profitable? Indeed, like any commercial activity, the margin rate, therefore the amount you will recover is a key factor of the profitability of your dropshipping activity.

Why does dropshipping work? The supplier collects the products and sends them to the customer. So there is a direct delivery between the customer and the supplier. The dropshipper only acts as an intermediary to connect the two other parties. In return, he sells the product at the price he wants to the customer.

Will dropshipping market in 2021?

So, is dropshipping dead in 2022? We'll give you the answer right away: no, dropshipping is not dead in 2022! All the statistics may suggest otherwise and show that the market is saturated and competitive, but that doesn't mean dropshipping is dead.

Our Opinion How to make money in 2022 ?

Our Opinion How to make money in 2022?

How to make money at night?

How to make money at night?

How to make money on the internet

  • Participate in paid surveys. ...
  • Use the cashback sites. ...
  • Read paid emails. ...
  • Bet on the horses ......
  • Bet on sports. ...
  • Rent on Airbnb and earn 100€, 1000€ or more each month. ...
  • Sign up for paid offers. ...
  • Investing in real estate.

Who can lend me 1000 €?

Who can lend 1000 euros? There are several organizations that offer a quick loan of 1000 euros: The traditional bank: even if the banks are not specialized in small loans, you can still take out a personal loan of this amount with your bank.

Who can lend me money today? It can be a family member but it is quite possible to make an individual loan between neighbors or friends. However, even if the loan between individuals is encouraging, it is recommended to contract a loan between individuals as soon as the amount exceeds 750 euros.

How to find 1000 euros in 24 hours?

To get 1000 euros in 24 hours, you have only two answers: Take a micro-credit from a financial institution lender. The financing will be available within a few hours according to the conditions set. Take out a revolving loan with your bank or credit organization that offers it.

Which credit with 1000 euros of salary?

The minimum monthly income must be 13,533. What is the monthly payment for a loan of 1,000,000 over 20 years? The maximum monthly payment is 4466.

How to get 1000 euros right away?

The only way to get 1,000 euros at once is to use the money from the revolving credit. But only if it already exists. In fact, revolving credit works a bit like a reserve that you can use when you need it.

How to make 5,000 euros quickly?

How to make 5000 quickly with paid flights? Several online platforms like LOONEA, MOOLINEO, SWAGBUCKS, BA-CLICK etc. offer low paying jobs. They offer small tasks such as opinion polls, email readings, contests, tests, etc.

Our Opinion How to make money with Shopify ?

Our Opinion How to make money with Shopify?

Is dropshipping profitable? The question is simple but the answer is not so simple: is dropshipping profitable? Indeed, like any commercial activity, the margin rate, therefore the amount you get back is a key factor of the profitability of your dropshipping activity.

How to make 100 € grow?

How to make 100 € grow?
  • Investing in the stock market.
  • Cryptocurrency.
  • Mass financing.
  • Loan between individuals.
  • Savings books.
  • Rental of real estate.

How to increase 500 €? The most classic and most secure solution is the bankbook. There are different types of passbooks that allow you to save with a more or less attractive remuneration in the short term. Moreover, you get an opening bonus, which is already very advantageous in itself.

How to make 20 € grow?

Investing in the stock market Investing in the stock market could be one of the quickest ways to make your €20 grow.

Where to invest 100 euros per month?

Saving 100 euros per month on a savings account The savings account is a large family composed of the "livret A" and the savings accounts offered by the different banks. The savings account has the great advantage of leaving the money you deposit in it always available.

How to create a dropshipping business?

When it comes to dropshipping, you have the possibility to create your site of online sales or to use a single provider site. There are even online services that include providers and online stores. You can also use an e-commerce solution like Shopify.

How to do free dropshipping ? Don't dream, it is not possible to open a free dropshipping website! It is not because you will avoid buying a stock of products that you have to invest some money in this new activity.

What type of company for dropshipping?

What is the legal status available for dropshipping? If you want to test your dropshipping e-commerce idea, the micro-entrepreneur status will be the simplest and will allow you to minimize the formalities and accounting constraints.

How to get 1000 euros right away?

The only way to get 1,000 euros at once is to use the money from the revolving credit. But only if it already exists. In fact, revolving credit works a bit like a reserve that you can use when you need it.

Who can lend me 1000€? Who can lend 1000 euros? There are several organizations that offer a quick loan of 1000 euros: The traditional bank: even if the banks are not specialized in small loans, you can still take out a personal loan of this amount with your bank.

How to release money quickly?

FinFrog allows you to borrow money between 200 and 600 euros and get an agreement in principle quickly, within 24 hours. The money will be released only a few days after the agreement and you will have up to 3 months to repay.

How to get money in 24 hours?

Urgent need of money in 24 hours: the fast credit It is the fast credit. You can borrow between 50 and 1000 euros in only 48 hours. If you borrow less than 200 euros, you can meet your urgent financial needs within 24 hours. The procedure to obtain it is simple and everything is done online.

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